current flow

I'm also working on a whole bunch of really awesome projects. Here are a few of 'em:

olopede is an educational electronics kit company. We want to fill the hole left by the new 'widget' DIY electronics movement by teaching the next generation of hackers, makers, and producers what makes their awesome black boxes tick and how to design the next generation of open-source hardware.

The Cotton Candy Cannon - A project over seven years in the making, the cotton candy cannon will be able to wrap unsuspecting axially rotating life-forms in a cotton candy cocoon.

NASA ParaWing Kite - I want to make a kite large enough to lift me off the ground!

This Site! - The rest of it is coming! After familiarizing myself with django and mySQL, I wrote a blog and project documentation application, and I'm working on a photo album app. More content is always coming soon!


Posted charcoal drawing albums

Finished photo album application

Working out Olopede issues

Photo album app coming along

Homepage is now dynamic!

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